Crazy hours, Fantasmic and Goodbyes!

3 weeks today …. I will be back at home in the UK and spending my first night in my own bed! It’s a very surreal feeling …. it still only feels like I have got here and settled in ….. and now I’ve moved apartments and only have 20 days left in Florida!

I apologise from not having written a blog for such a long time, I have been very busy ….. between Sunday the 31st of July and Saturday the 6th of August I worked a crazy amount! In those 7 days I worked 5 shifts on Sunset, 3 shifts at Fantasmic and a shift at Pizza Planet ….. in total I worked almost 70 hours in that one week!!!! And yet it was so much fun!!!! 😀

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty regular and ordinary days and work, with the only unusual day being Tuesday as I had my first training since my first week ….. at 8:30am ….. followed by work. After work on Tuesday I met up with one of my flatmates, Jamie. We had great fun riding Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster together which was followed by a great trip to The Art of Animation were we had great fun on the Soundstage putting our voices to scenes from The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast 😀 We then learnt how to draw Tigger in the Animation Academy, and the evening finished with yet another stunning performance of Fantasmic 😀 In total spending over 15 hours in Hollywood Studios!

On Thursday I experienced a few new places of work. The first of which was Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. This in itself was great. It was themed very much like Pizza Planet from the first Toy Story film, with the downstairs being an arcade. The place itself was very nice and the people were friendly, however, it did turn into a slightly crazy shift, as my shift was extended by one hour and 15 minutes until 5:30pm, when I needed to have been to costuming, changed into my Fantasmic costume and reached the Fantasmic trailer at the opposite end of the park by 6pm!!!!! Luckily for me, I bumped into Nicole (a fellow ICP who flew over on the same flight as me), she was working Fantasmic too and she also knew a closer place to clock in. We arrived in plenty of time at the Fantasmic food trailer before the debriefing, and we then got given our positions. Both me and Nicole were on Cotton Candy, so for the first hour of our shift we got to leisurely stroll up and down Sunset Boulevard selling Cotton Candy before we headed to the Ampitheatre where we wandered up and down the aisles, wlaking between 10,000 people all of whom were eagerly awaiting the spectacle that is Fantasmic! Once Fantasmic began, we restocked, sorted our money out and heading back out to the streets of Sunset once again. It was a great evening, a really great experience and a load of fun 😀

So Friday began very relaxing, with the whole flat being in together for the first time since I have been in Florida! So we had a lasagna together 😀 After this, me and Jamie got on a bus to Hollywood Studios where we met up with her friend Chris and went to watch The Beauty and the Beast before once again riding the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster. We very messily ate Ice Cream from Scoops before I had to leave them to head to work at Fantasmic. This time i was working as a runner on Pad 2 which is located at the very back of the Ampitheatre with a perfect view of the Hill and Stage. Unfortunately I did not experience much of this as it began to rain almost as soon as we had set up and before any guest had arrived at the Ampitheatre. So after an hour of waiting for the rain to stop, and Pad 2 getting flooded, we got told that Pad 2 was closing so we unstocked everything and took it all back. Once we had finally finished this I took over Popcorn vending (which was very similar to vending Cotton Candy) and I continued this for the rest of the shift, which was great fun 😀

Saturday began with my first major goodbye, as I said goodbye to Jamie who headed back to Puerto Rico this day 😦 So after a very quick and sleepy goodbye I heading to work where I had a fairly uneventful, but fun, shift at Sunset …. that was until I was just about to finish work. I was closing the bakery …. and 10 minutes before we were about to close, a huge argument broke out between a guest and one of our cast members! It finally got sorted out just in time to close, and so ended the eventful closing of the bakery ….. or so I thought. Within the next half an hour we not only managed to get locked out of the bakery, but we also managed to flood it ….. completely! There was at least 3 inches of water covering the whole of the bakery floor, and it was leaking out onto the outside dining area too! So after blocking off  the areas to both guests and cast members, I managed to escape the chaos to go to my third Fantasmic shift, where this time I worked Cotton Candy again 😀 However, this time, it rained and thundered a lot …. so we spent about an hour in the thunder location waiting for the thunder to stop, before hearing back out again to sell more Cotton Candy 😀

I didn’t start work until 5pm on Sunday, so therefore made the most of my morning by heading to EPCOT where I met Chip and Dale who were incredibly entertaining as always, Duffy the Disney Bear, Alice, Mary Poppins and Belle and the Beast. I also met up with one of my American friends, Tyler (who is good friends with the Beast) whilst he was working, which was good fun 😀 I also finally rode the Mission Space on the More Intense Training, which simulates the G-Forces that you might encounter if you were going to go into space on a rocket 😀 I then headed to work …. but all in all …. a very good day! It’s not often that you can say that you have travel around the world and flown to Mars and back before going to work 😀

Monday and Tuesday were fairly relaxed and normal days. The parks are starting to quiet down a lot ….. about 70% of guest are now British, there are no tour groups and most Americans are getting ready to go back to school, so the parks are fairly quiet. So , making the most of this, I went into Hollywood Studios after work had finished on Tuesday and met up with Heather, Laura, Zoe, Ashleigh and her friend from work, Ray. Me, Heather and Ray had great fun in the Art of Animation where this time we learnt how to draw Dale (the chipmunk) 😀

Wednesday had me closing the bakery for the 3rd day in a row, and the 4th closing of the bakery out of 5 days …. however, luckily there have been no more incidents …… yet ……! After work I met up with Taryn, one of my Welsh friends, who coincidentally was born in Bangor! we headed to EPCOT to meet Korey, my flatmate from Ohio. We rode Test Track, then queued from 85 minutes to go on Soarin’ (which was actually brilliant! …. the ride that is … not the queue!) and then finished off the day by catching the end of Illuminations.

Thursday I woke early to say goodbye to Helen, my roommate, and her boyfriend Gabby, who were both flying back to Puerto Rico as they too had just ended their 6 month programs. Then it was off to work where I closed something for the 6th day in a row …. this shift also concluded my run of 15 shifts in a row!

Friday ….. DAY OFF!!!!!! Wow … it’s been a while since I have said that! So … to make the most of it … I woke up very early, said goodbye to Korey who was flying back to Ohio that day, and jumped on the 9:01am bus to Magic Kingdom with Laura. After going to Cast Connections and spending an awful lot of money (oh well … I got paid on Thursday!) we went into the park. When we got there … it was ridiculously quiet for the Magic Kingdom. We walked straight onto It’s A Small World, Snow White’s Scary Adventures and Mickey’s Philharmagic, we also got through a fair few rides/attractions that I had never been on/seen before, such as the Swiss Family Treehouse and the slightly disturbing Country Bear Jamboree. After Laura had left I watched the Dream Along With Mickey show for the first time in 2011, and it was really beautiful and sweet 😀 This was closely followed by the 3 o’clock parade, for which I was wearing my “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” T-shirt. This t-shirt seemed to be a hit with the characters, not only did Pluto come over and point out both my t-shirt and Goofy hat to Goofy, but Captain Hook also stopped in the middle of the parade to mime to me, telling me what time the 3 o’clock parade was at …. classic 😀 The rest of the day was spent meeting Mickey and Minnie (who both thoroughly loved the t-shirt …. Minnie even asked where I got it from as she wanted one!), meeting both Heather at work on Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin, and my PAC friend, Thibaut from France 😀 After watching the Electric Light Parade (during which Alice commented in the middle of the parade loudly to everyone about how Goofy I was looking today!), I watched The Magic, The Memories and You castle projection show twice (which was really lovely) and the ever stunning firework display known as Wishes 😀 A magical end to a magical day 😀

Today has been a fairly relaxed day …. apart from the chaos fo packing and moving apartments! As I was the only person left in my apartment I, along with many other in the same situation as me, had to move into a new apartment! So most of the morning was spent packing and attempting to tidy the apartment (both of which failed miserably …. facebook is such a bad distraction 😛 ) Then at 1pm I had to pick up my new key to my new apartment, I then had to move all of my stuff across the complex to 3008 where I am now currently situated. I am now living with 5 others: 2 Australians (Tamara and Lauranah), a girl from South Korea (Seulki) and an American (Sital) who sort of classes herself as British as she was born and spent the first 8 years of her life in Manchester! Cue the music …… “IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!!! IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!!! IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!! IT’S A SMALL, SMALL WORLD!!!!!!”

So there we have it. In 3 weeks I will be home in the UK, in 4 and a half weeks I will be back at uni in Bangor, and in 5 days I will have graduated from the Disney International College Program! Much more excitement still to come, and much more work …. and much, much more magic 😀 😀 😀 😀

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Two decades old!!!!!

It is August already!!!! Can you believe it! In 4 and a half weeks time I will be flying back from Florida to return to reality!!!! Therefore, I am trying to make the most of what little time I have left …. this means long hours ….. and picking up extra shifts to experience all different kinds of Disney magic all around Walt Disney World 😀

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were pretty average days at work (I can’t believe I’m calling them average!) What I mean when I say average is that they were pretty amazing days as always, but nothing majorly special happened but they were still thoroughly enjoyable 😀

When I got back from work on Tuesday I decided to have a little relax before heading back out to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. During this time it turned midnight back in the UK, so people suddenly started to wish me happy birthday even though it was still only 7pm over here. This set me in a very birthday-ie mood when I left to go watch the fireworks, so once I arrived at the Magic Kingdom I went to get a birthday badge to start my pre-birthday celebrations 😀 In the short time before the fireworks I decided to head over to Pinocchio’s Village Haus to grab a bite to eat ….. this ended up with all of the cast members working there singing a special rendition of happy birthday to me and I recieved my first 20th birthday cake in the form of a chocolate fudge cake 😀 The fireworks and parade were brilliant as always and it was a great way to start to birthday celebrations off 😀

So, the 27th of July came, and I woke up very early to get to the Magic Kingdom for opening. I met Ashleigh on the bus, whose birthday was the same day 😀 We were also joined by Zoe …. who had never met Mickey or Minnie …. EVER!!!! :O So after catching the very ending of the opening show we headed straight over to meet Mickey and Minnie 😀 Mickey and Minnie were immensely cute this morning …. a just married couple were in front of us in the queue and Mickey pointed at them both before grabbing Minnie in a loving embrace … it was soooo cute!!!! 😀 They both then got very excited to see me and Ashleigh with birthday Mickeys … however, Mickey refused to have his photo taken with us whilst I was wearing a Donald hat! This then lead to our first purchase of the day …… Mickey Mouse ears saying “It’s My Birthday!” 😀 We spent most of the day in the Magic Kingdom where we went on most of the big rides: Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise …. and then some of the smaller ones (Peter Pan’s Flight and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!!!! 😀 ) I also got another birthday cake at Peco Bill’s in Frontierland …. this time in the form of carrot cake 😀 We also managed to watch both the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade, and part of the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it parade 😀 Throughout our time at Magic Kingdom Jamie, Luis, Heather, Laura, Vicki and Jenny had joined us for a while before leaving for work. This left just me, Ashleigh, Zoe and Korey to head to Hollywood Studios where we met up with Ella. Here we went to watch Muppetvision 3D and we went on Star Tours before heading for a meal at the 50s Prime Time Cafe ….. which was hilarious!!!!!! The idea of it is that you are being taken back in time to the 50s in America, where you weren’t allowed to have you elbows on the table, you weren’t allowed to wear hats at the table, you couldn’t leave the table with out asking and you had to eat up all your food otherwise your “mum” would complain about how much she slaved over the meal, and how we don’t appreciate the effort she puts in, etc. So basically, you spend an hour and a half just basically being told off for everything you do ….. and it was absolutely brilliant!!!! 😀 Our “mum” was Janice, and she was hilarious! She kept telling everyone at our table off for everything, especially when Korey left the table without asking and Janice went crazy and threatened to got after her and to drag her back! It was also hilarious to watch all the other tables. The table next to us had the father of the family being constantly told off by Janice for everything (much to the childrens delight!), on another table the kid kept telling Janice about all the naughty things his mum had done just to see her get told off, and then the dad in another family (after being told they had to finish his last onion ring) hid the onion ring in a cup under some napkins ….. and got caught! So was forced to eat it by Janice!!!! It was a brilliant meal!!! 😀 And then at the end ….. we got a special rendition of Happy Birthday off Janice and both me and Ashleigh got a little cupcake as a birthday cake! 😀 After this brilliant meal, we went and rode the Tower of Terror in the night! (It was awesome! 😀 ) Both me and Ashleigh recieved birthday phone calls, were Goofy sang Happy Birthday to us, and then we went to Hollywood Scoops where we got free birthday ice-cream!!!! 😀 We finished what was an amazing birthday, with an amazing show …. yes, you guessed it …… Fantasmic!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 So now I am officially two decades only …. but if you are going to turn 20 … what better a place to turn twenty than Walt Disney World!!!! 😀

It was back to work on Thursday, but this time not in the usual place. I managed to pick up an extra shift at Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. This was a brilliant shift!! 😀 After the initial shock of getting completely lost in the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom, I finally arrived at Pinocchio’s in time. The first hour and a half of my shift was great fun, collecting and handing out the food to the guests, it was completely different to anything that I have had to do on Sunset. I then moved outside for the rest of my shift where I spend over an hour playing with a Pinocchio puppet with the guests, in the sun, with Cinderella’s castle directly in front of me, with guests playing with the puppet or asking for photographs of them with me and the puppet …. it was very surreal! But incredibly magical! 😀 The Magic Kingdom definitely has a much more magical feel than Hollywood Studios (and Hollywood Studios is pretty magic!!!) In MK the adults all become kids and the kids have an amazing time in this completely unreal world that has been created!

Friday I had 2 different shifts that I had picked up. The first was back to Hollywood Studios, but this time at the complete opposite end of the park to normal …. at Backlot Express. Here, instead of listening to Fantasmic, Beauty and the Beast, the Countdown to Fun parade, Disney Channel Rocks and the screams coming from Tower of Terror, I was able to listen to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, the parade and the Jedi Training Academy (which is so cute ….. little kids learn how to be a Jedi and then take on Darth Vader in a fight!) whilst bussing, which was pretty fun too 😀

After my shift at Backlot Express had finished I headed over to the Magic Kingdom where (after getting lost and finally being helped by a French guy called Thibaut who told me exactly what to do for the whole of the evening) I joined the rest of the Parade Audience Control (PAC) team backstage for a debriefing where we all received our positions for both the parade and for the fireworks. I was Theater 2 and position 7 ….. this meant that I was in the middle of the entrance circle , opposite the Town Square Theater for the parade, and I was on Main Street USA close to the Partners circle the fireworks. The parade duty was good fun, however, I ended up situated right next to a tour group for 600 Argentinians! Thankfully they were very well behaved, obeyed orders and their leaders kept them entertained for  the whole time they were there …. making my job a lot easier 😀 Then when the parade finally came around …. I had one of the best seats in the house to watch it from! (Obviously I was constantly watching the crowd and making sure they all kept onto the sidewalks as well!) We then took a detour via backstage to beat the crowd and get to our positions for Wishes. Here, it was crazy!!! Everyone from all around the park had gathered in the same area to watch the fireworks and the castle projection show (The Magic, the Memories and You!) So my job was to make sure the walkway was stayed clear so people could get through to the exit and to make sure no one sat on the railing (so that they didn’t end up falling into the water!), which was pretty successful. It was a different experience than any other I have experienced so far at Disney, as you are guaranteed to have very grumpy guests who are very angry at you because you are telling them they can’t get any closer to the castle to see the fireworks as there isn’t enough space. This obviously makes some guests extremely angry … but it is for the safety of everyone, so unfortunately in this case we do have to disappoint people. Despite the chaos, it was pretty amazing …. I was basically being paid to watch the fireworks! 😀 After what was a very successful parade and firework display we returned back stage to receive a huge congratulations …. apparently it was one of the most successful parade control they have had all summer! And the park was also apparently over the maximum capacity, so they are suppose to have opened up some of backstage for the guests to watch the fireworks, however they hadn’t so they had crammed a ridiculous amount of people around the castle and down Main Street, so we received more congratulations for that! So all in all …. a very successful and thoroughly enjoyable first shift on Parade Control at the Magic Kingdom 😀

The last three days have been back at Sunset, and the usual craziness and excitement. However, it has now dawned on me just how little time I have left …. in 4 weeks I will be packing ready to go home!!! So I am going to have to really make full use of every last moment that I have here in Florida!!! There is still so much to do, so much to see! So wish me luck! Hopefully I will manage to get as much as possible done by the next time I write a blog!


See ya real soon! 😀

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The Magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter and an awesome vacation!

Firstly, I apologise for the length of this blog, and other that have been and for some that may still be to come. I have discovered in doing this blog, that 1 – there is just not enough time in the day to write one everyday, 2 – there is no way that you can write about everything you have been doing in a week in Florida in just a couple of paragraphs, and 3 -there is just so much happening here, that even though these blogs are so long, there is still so much that I’m missing out! So for that I apologise, and at the same time, thank you for continuing to read these blogs, and I hope they are still of some entertainment to you, despite their length 😀

So a month has passed and yet it seems like I haven’t done hardly anything …. but at the same time, I know I have done loads!

Last Thursday was incredibly relaxing 😀 After arriving at house that my family were staying at (which was absolutely humungous!!!!) I had a nice relaxing morning before we all heading to EPCOT to travel the world in the afternoon. We finally ended up in the UK where our evening meal was a healthy portion of good old British fish and chips 😀 😀 😀 That evening we watch Illuminations from the UK which had changed and been improved even more!!!! 😀

Friday was an absolutely amazing day! 😀 We woke up very early to make our way to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure where we went to ……….
This place was A-MA-ZING! 😀 As soon as you stepped through the gates of Hogesmeade you felt like you were really in the books and the films with Harry Potter and his friends 😀 We made our way straight to the main ride called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. We had to queue for this ride for about 25 minutes ….. but I actually wish I could have queued for longer!!! There was so much detail all around the place as you waited in line. There were amazing moving portraits which looked exactly like a really oil painting ….. and then it started to move! There were newspaper clippings with moving pictures, a portrait of Dawn French as the fat lady who started to talk to us, you walk through Dumbledore’s office where Dumbledore talks to you, you walk through a classroom where Ron, Hermione and Harry talk to you and then disappear under the invisibility cloak, and then the most exciting of them all ….. the sorting hat! Just before you are about to get onto the ride you see the Sorting Hat and it is so incredibly life like, it’s amazing! 😀 It starts to talk to you and move and it honestly just looks like an old battered hat that is talking to you … it’s brilliant! 😀 So after all that excitment …. we finally made it to the ride …. which was FANTASTIC!!!! 😀 It switches between a film on a screen and then moving animatronic figures for the whole ride, however the way they switched between the two makes you feel like all of it is real, and really there rather than some of it just being a film. I do also have to admit that I did scream very loudly when a dementor came at me (they were just so scary! :/ ) After going on the ride, we spent the next few hours strolling around the streets of Hogesmeade, drinking Butterbeer, and enjoying the shops such as Honeydukes Sweet shop and Zonkos Joke Shop 😀 We also had a very enjoyable lunch spent drinking Butterbeer in The Three Broomsticks 😀 Oh, and the Butterbeer tastes absolutely incredibly 😀 It tastes like nothing that I have ever tasted before but it is so incredibly tasty that you can see why Ron, Hermione and Harry like to drink it at every opportunity that they get 😀

The rest of the day was spent in Jurassic Park where we met a Triceratops called Chris, and where we missed out on the Jurassic Park ride due to a huge thunderstorm …… so we went to Universal Studios where we instead enjoyed the comforts of the hilarious Horror Make Up show and The Simpsons Ride, before heading home to escape the rain!

Saturday, and it was back to work, but not before spending most of the day in Animal Kingdom with the family 😀 Work was nice and relaxing, not too long a shift and I spent most of the day bussing and having nice chats with the guests 😀 The last few hours of my shift lead to a couple of firsts. Firstly I got my first hug off a guest – we aren’t actually allowed to hug a guest unless they hug us first – and in this case, I had two young girls giving me a hug, followed by their older brother and sister and before I knew it, their mum and grandma had given me a hug too!!!! So I got my first hug(s) of the program, and this was closely followed by my first sighting of a cockroach! :/ I nearly swept it up with my broom … and next thing I knew it was running around me feet very, very, very quickly ….. within a couple of seconds, I had screamed very loudly and I ended up at the opposite end of the dining area! It was ok, the park had closed and the only guests still in the park were all in Fantasmic … but it was still a very scary moment. And then if that wasn’t enough surprises for the day, I bumped into 3 cats who were just wandering around the dining area whilst I was cleaning! I never realised that there were cats in Disney! They were extremely cute and fluffy though 😀

Monday was my last day with the family before they headed off back home to the UK, and luckily I wasn’t working until 6pm so had the whole day to enjoy the delights of the Magic Kingdom 😀 We watched the parade twice, me and my sister relived our last day of our holiday from 2 years ago by screaming a lot on Big Thunder Mountain, we laughed a lot on the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (especially at “Sleeping Beauty”), and we ate our amazingly cool Mickey Mouse Ice Creams before I left them to enjoy their last day, and headed over to Hollywood Studios to go back to work.

The shift itself was pretty average, however, it was the crazy times that followed that amused me. I didn’t finish until 2:15 in the morning and then had to wait until 3 before getting the bus home, arrived at Vista at just gone 3:30 to then have to wake up at 8 to be back on the bus by 9:50, where I arrived back in the park by 10 (….. only 7 hours after I had left) to start my 11 and a half hour shift!!!! This was then followed by 7 whole hours on my feet before I finally got my break!!! Crazy times …. but actually, extremely fun! 😀 This gave me just enough time on my break to ring the family, who were at the airport, one final time before they returned to British soil. It is a bit weird … now that the family have gone it feels like my holiday is over! Or should I say vacation …. I had one family who when I wished them a nice rest of their holiday they told me that it was no where near to Christmas yet! Anyway, I’m sure I will find some more time to enjoy my vacation time in Florida, and if not …. the holiday with the family was excellent 😀

Wednesday was an average day at work in Florida, you know …. Sun, Disney, Mickey Mouse ….. an average day 😛 The weather was also behaving …. since the storm on Friday it hadn’t rained, and it wouldn’t rain again until the Friday a week later. I like to think that it was because I asked for some good weather, and no rain (definitely nothing to do with the tropical storm just off the coast of Florida that was causing a heat wave for the whole of the US 😛 )

Thursday was a relaxing day off, where I ended up heading into Hollywood Studios and catching up on some of the things I had missed, such as the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show which now features Lighting McQueen 😀 Then I met up with Ashleigh, who coincidentally turns 20 the same day that I do, whilst we are both in Florida, we both started on the same day, we both are doing Quick Service Food and Beverage, and we are both working in Hollywood Studios! Weird! Anyway, we went on Toy Story, Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and I tried my first ever Turkey Leg (which I have decided that I’m not too fond on!) before ending the day with another fabulous performance of Fantasmic 😀 (If you haven’t already guessed …. I do love that show a tiny bit 😀 )

Friday found me back in Animal Kingdom watching all the shows and riding all the rides 😀 I finally managed to do both Dinosaur and Everest, and watch the Festival of the Lion King after being here for almost 5 weeks!!! I also met a few characters too 😀 That always leads to a good day 😀

So yesterday it was back to work, and as always, it was great fun 😀 You know how it is …. working at Disney and all 😀

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Walt Disney World: The Place Where Dreams Come True!

The weeks are really flying past now, it feels like almost yesterday when I wrote my last blog …. and yet, almost a whole week has past once again!!!!

So on my second day off, Friday the 8th, I had the day to myself as the family had managed to get VIP tickets to watch the last ever shuttle launch!!!!!!!!! :O Very jealous!!! So I began the day bright and early to meet some of my ICP friends for breakfast. We went to a breakfast buffet place where it only cost about $7 for all you can eat!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! 😀 I literally stuffed myself full!! There was everything you could possibly imagine there for breakfast!! 😀 After that, me, Heather and Laura headed over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort hoping to get a good view of the shuttle launch …. however, as there was a lot of cloud covering most of the sky, all we actually were able to see was a flash of light and a tiny object coming out of the flash for about a second before it disappeared into the cloud. A bit disappointing, however, I have been told that from the viewing site at Kennedy it was absolutely spectacular!!!!! 😀

It was back to work on Saturday where I was bussing for most of the day. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoy cleaning the tables, as you get to move at your own pact and interact with all the guests, which is always good fun, you always end  up chatting to some guests for ages … it’s great fun! 😀 Also, it is always very amusing when you meet a British family, both when bussing or when taking orders, as they always seem to get so excited about the fact that they are all the way over in Florida and yet they are talking to someone who lives near where they do! The other very surprising thing is how many people know where Lytham St Annes is …. and not just people from Britain … I have met a fair few Americans and Canadians who know, had been to or have lived in Lytham St Annes! Also, a lot of people know it for the apparently very famous golf course!!! During my day at work, Mike, one of the managers, came up to me and after a discussing about the fact that I was still wearing my earning my ears badge, he made a few phone calls to discover that I had in fact earned my ears and he took my “Earning My Ears” tag off me! So I am now a fully trained Walt Disney World Cast Member!!!! 😀 After finishing work I met up with the family for a short time where we went on Toy Story Mania, which was a very nice way to end the day! 😀

Sunday was the shorted shift that I have done since being in Florida …. only 8 and a half hours!!!! 😀 It was also a fairly early shift so I was finished by quarter to 6, so I had a very pleasant walk after work along the river from Hollywood Studios to EPCOT where I met up with the family. We had a nice stroll around the world (as you do), stopped for some tea in America whilst the Journey tribute band were playing (the lead singer wasn’t very good …. I think he may have been losing his voice), very nearly got tempted into buying one of the ridiculously huge candy apples in Germany and finally stopped to watch EPCOTs night time show Illuminations in which you are stood around the lake and a globe floats around the lake whilst pictures are shown on it from all around the world and whilst fireworks are going off all around! 😀 It is always amazing, and this time they had added even more fireworks into it since I saw it last time (only a week ago!), so it was even more spectacular! 😀

Monday was hard. The long hours, the intense heat, the lack of sleep and the fact that every day you are standing on your feet for nearly the whole day was finally beginning to catch up with me. By the end of my shift I was ready just to go home and fall asleep, however I wanted to make the most of my limited time with my family so I went and met them in Magic Kingdom instead. This is a good point to mention the weather ….. I seem to have been very very very unlucky with the weather since being in Florida! Despite the fact that it is normally very sunny and very hot most of the time over here, it always seems to be raining for long periods of time on my days off, and when I’m working it is always really nice and sunny! This day just proved this unluckiness. Literally the second that I pressed the button to clock out ….. there was a huge crash of thunder and it began to rain! After arriving at the Magic Kingdom, I got off the monorail to discover that the rain had gone crazy, as to get to the entrance I had to wade through “puddles” of water that must have been at least 20cm deep! They covered the whole of my foot and ankle when I stood in them!!! Luckily though, the rain subsided just in time for the Electric Light Parade to go ahead, followed by the spectacular “The Magic, The Memories and Me” projection show on Cinderella’s castle … which I stunning!!! I have no idea how they do it …. but it is amazing! It really adds to the magic of the castle! 😀 And then we finally watched Wishes, the firework display above the castle. This again is always amazing …. and like the EPCOT fireworks, it had some additional fireworks that hadn’t been there last time I saw it! (They must be using up extra fireworks from the 4th of July or something!)

Tuesday’s shift was just as hard. My whole body seemed to be willing me not to get up that morning for the 11 hour shift that lay ahead! However, somehow I managed to get up and get through the day. The shift ended quite eventfully though. There was another huge thunderstorm, which this time was whilst I was working!!!! The first time I have ever been working when it has been properly raining!!!! Anyway, I was in Fairfax at this time, and as the lightning struck, all the power in Fairfax flickered and 3 or the 5 registers turned off completely ….. apparently Disney actually got struck by the lightening! Luckily, with Florida being the lightening capital of the world, Disney are well prepared for this, and every bulding in the whole of the resort all have lightening conductors on top of them to protect all the guests and cast members from getting hit. After finishing work this day, I did the slightly wiser thing of going home to get some rest. Despite all the tiredness, I sat down and just reflected on the last 3 weeks …. I really am living a dream! Yes it is hard work, yes nothing is ever going to be perfect, but it is amazing here! How many people can say that they get to listen to Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic every day whilst work? How many people can say that on a regular basis they can talk to people who are having the time of their lives and are loving every minute of it? How many people can that they are actually encouraged by their managers to be crazy, and dance around and have a great time at work? This is Disney after all …. it really is a place where dreams come true, but it needs the hard work from every single cast member to make this happen … and for that I have complete respect for every single person that works here, no matter what their role or location …. together we can help make peoples dreams come true! 😀

It truly is amazing at how much good an hours relax and some positive thinking can do …..

Wednesday (yesterday) I woke up, and I didn’t have to force myself out of bed, I woke up smiling and I thought to myself how amazing this job really is 😀 This set me in a great mood to start work …. and work seemed to be even better than usual! 😀 I worked on 4 out of my 7 locations that I could have worked in (Bakery, Turkey, Produce and Scoops). In the bakery we had a huge tour group of about 40 people come in to this tiny little shop, which was great fun …. somehow the chaos actually made every single person in that shop (both guests and cast members) have a great time out of it! This was followed by working at Turkey where we had no guests at all …. so I got given control of the Stitch hand! 😀 Instead of waving people with the typical Mickey Mouse hand, I was waving at people with a Stitch hand. This was so fun! There is something amazingly magical about the fact that I was waving at random people in the street who were all waving back, no matter what age they were. And you really can’t help but smile when everyone looks so happy and excited to see you waving at them! 😀 In Scoops I made a magical moment for a little girl who was very upset about the fact that we didn’t put sprinkles on out ice cream ….. so instead I made here a Mickey Mouse ice cream in a cup, made up of 3 scoops of ice cream in a Mickey head shape, with a cone for a hat, and a cherry for a nose! Just one look at the ice cream turned the little girls tears into a huge smile …. again, another magical moment, just the thought that you have made someones day that bit more special and magical is an amazing feeling 😀 So after what was an amazing day, I finished my last half an hour back in Turkey, where I had one final magic moment to give out for the day, just 10 minutes before the end of my shift …. A group of people who must have been in their early 20s came to buy turkey legs. The last two in the group were 2 girls who had obviously been given free turkey legs before as they were both wearing badges saying “CELEBRATING Free Turkey Legs”, so they began to gobble like turkeys at me. So I said to them that I would only give them a free turkey leg if they not only gobbled, but if they walk around the area gobbling, with the arms and everything. After a bit of persuasion, the girls started to do it, with all their friends filming them on their cameras. They were actually pretty impressive and they drew a bit of a crowd, so once they finished they got a huge round of applause. So I gave them both a free turkey leg to congratulate them for their efforts. The whole group seemed so pleased and happy 😀 A minute later they ran back and got me to come outside so they could have their photo taken with them!!!! So I went outside and we all posed with the turkey legs and thumbs up 😀 Was a very surreal experience, but another extremely magical one, for both me and all them …. as I said before, there is something really special about knowing that you have made some peoples day/trip/holiday just that bit more magical 😀 On my way out of the park I also got a bit congratulation and thumbs up from one of the managers, Mike, who apparently had been watching everything that happened …. you always know you are doing something right when the managers say well done to you 😀

So after everything that has happened in the last 3 weeks, I really feel like I’m settling in here. Everyone knows my name, I know everything that I’m doing, I’ve made some great friends, and I get paid to work in a job where I can just be myself and not get told off for being too crazy … in fact, it is actually encouraged 😀

“Walt Disney World: The Place Where Dreams Come True” – Many people may disagree with this … but I know that it is completely true. After only being here for 3 weeks, I can already see it in the eyes of the cast members and guests, that they are in fact all living dreams over here. Walt Disney World truly has made all of their dreams come true! 😀

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4th of July and all the crazy times surrounding it!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it has almost been a week since I last wrote on this! Where is the time going …. it’s flying past so quickly!!!!

So it’s been another very busy few days, with July the 4th bringing crowds of over 100,000 into Walt Disney World!!!!!

July began with a nice shift where we worked both Toluga Turkey (which believe it or not sells turkey legs) and Anaheim Produce, which sells fruit, frozen lemonade and pretzels. However, despite the fact that we were still in training, we ended up without a trainer for the whole day!!! There was even one point where me and Clemence were in Turkey with a guy who had never worked in Turkey before!!! So we ended up almost training him at one point!!! It was really crazy times!!!! However, I provided a great magical moment whilst working in Turkey. We have this thing that once every hour we can give away a free turkey leg if we get the customer to run around gobbling like a turkey. This one kid was so excited about the fact his mum had decided to let him get a turkey leg, so we took advance of this! Within a couple of minutes this kid was running around Sunset Boulevard flapping him wings and making gobbling noises!!!! He was obviously having a great time, his mum was having a brilliant time (for some reason parents seem to love it when their children do something really embarrasing!!! :P), and everyone else in the queue didn’t care at all about the fact they had to wait a bit longer because they were thoroughly enjoying the entertainment!!!! 😀 It was a truely magical moment for everyone! 😀

Saturday the 2nd of July was funny. Work began with us having our assessment to complete our training. We did this only to find that we hadn’t been taught hardly anything at all in the bakery and are now not allowed to fully complete our training until we have been re-trained in the bakery!!! 😦 However, after we got back to work, the day just got better and better and better 🙂 I worked on scoops and bussing and it was a really really great day!!! 😀 I spoke to and met a lot of really nice people whilst I was bussing and they were from all over the world who were enjoying their days in Hollywood Studios, I got to watch the parade, and listen to Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic whilst working, and I was just truly having a great time whilst getting paid for it!!! 😀

Sunday the 3rd was ….. eventful …..
The ridiculous heat was crazy, and after bussing for 6 hours it was getting a bit too hot. However, this wasn’t the worst part of the day! I was on register on the boat, when the other girl who was working on register just disappeared! For about 30 minutes! This was during the busy time for the boat as the final of American Idol: The Experience had just begun on the big screen right next to the boat. So I was all alone on till with a huge queue of people. Then one man came to the register next to mine and suggestively coughed at me. When I looked over at him he just looked at me, and pointed to the till in front of him, even though he could see that I was serving a lady and I had at least 8 other people in my queue. After politely explaining to him that I was unable to take his order on that till and asking him nicely to come and join the queue in front of my till , he folded his arms and said that he was not going to join my queue. After once again explaining to him that I was unable to take his order on that till and he would have to come join my queue for me to take his order, he again refused and just stood at the other till. So I just continued to take the lady at my tills order. At this point the guy shouted “OI!” at me and as I turned to look at me he stuck his middle finger up at me and walked off! This left everyone in my queue gasping in shock and shaking their heads and tutting at this guy. Luckily for me they were all on my side and thought he was way out of order. After all this, I just did the Disney thing and put it to the back of my mind, smiled and carried on as if nothing had happened. Even if this drama had tried to put me in a bad mood, any thought of this was blown away (quite literally) when I went to watch the 4th July fireworks (on the 3rd of July) at Magic Kingdom. After a literally crazy squeeze getting past what must have been about 40-50,000 people I managed to find Ella, one of my friends from Sunset Ranch, who is from New Zealand. She had found an amazing spot right in the centre in front of the castle. This was amazing! They fully went all out on making the 4th July fireworks absolutely spectacular! Not only did they have the fireworks going off behind the castle (in front of where I was stood), but they also had them going off above the main entrance (behind where I was stood) and around the middle circle (all around where I was stood). So I completely got a 360 degree view of the fireworks! The fireworks were amazing!!! 😀 We then watched the Main Street Electric Light Parade and the magical pictures on the castle, which were also amazing!!! 😀 So a very good evening to finish off an strange day!

So 4th of July came, and I began in Anaheim Produce ….. where we had a continuous queue for 5 and a half hours!!!! However, despite the business, as the day went on, it got easier to work, as they had scheduled too many people. This meant that instead of what would have been a 12 hour shift, I actually only had to work a 9 and a half hour  shift! 🙂 Meaning that I got the chance to watch the 4th of July (this time actually on the 4th of July!) at Hollywood Studios. These were completely different to those from Magic Kingdom, here the had a live band (Mulch, Sweat and Shears) with the fireworks going off behind the hat. This was a experience in itself as there is very rarely fireworks at Hollywood Studios. These were also great, and then they were followed by another amazing performance of Fantasmic!!! 😀

Thursday (5th of July), was the first day when I have started to feel tired (mainly my legs and feet after standing for over 12 hours every day). However, this was made better with the thought that my mum, dad, sister and gran were on their way over to Florida!!! 😀 This day was pretty average as days in Florida go …. nothing majorly exciting. entertaining or strange happened … you could almost say it was just a normal day at work …. or in the case of Disney, it is an abnormal day as the normal days are so incredibly eventful and entertaining!

Friday the 6th was a great day. I woke up in the morning to get a phone call from the family to let me know they arrived save and sound in Florida, which was really nice …. even if it was just to hear their voices again 🙂 And then, 2 hours into my shift, I spotted a couple of familiar faces in the crowd of people …… it was a little surreal …. being behind the kitchen when your family are the other side, which in itself isn’t too bad, however, it is the weird feeling when you have spent every holiday in Florida with them and this time ….. everything is completely different! However, not different in a bad way at all … just generally different. Luckily for me, the park was pretty quite so we had a very small amount of guests at this point, so I got to quickly say hi and have a very quick catch up with them before heading back to work. 9 hours later I finally finished work and met up with my family where we had a nice relaxing few hours in Hollywood Studios catching up and watching the still amazing Fantasmic!! 😀

So after finally finishing 7 shifts in a row with the shortest one being about 9 hours long, today was my first day off in a week!!!! 🙂 So, how do you celebrate your first day off in 8 days …… you wake up at 5 in the morning and go on a coach trip to the U.S. social security center apparently!!!!! After the initial shock of such an early wake up the rest of the day went past pretty quickly. We arrived at the SSC where we waited for an hour to have a guy then enter all our details into the computer …. so hopefully now this means that soon I will have a US social security number forever! 🙂 After returning back I arranged to meet up with my family at the ferryboat going to the Magic Kingdom, so we met up there and spent most of the day having a great time in Magic Kingdom ….. going on great rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, watching a parade that went at double the speed as 5 minutes later we all got caught in a huge thunderstorm (during which the rain was so incredibly heavy for well over an hour)! and then watching Mickey’s Philharmagic (which I had forgetten how good it was) which is a combination of Mickey, Donald, Disney, music, the orchestra and 3D!!!! So basically …… I LOVE IT!!!!! 😀 So another brilliant day in Walt Disney World to end what has been a crazy week that just seems to have flown past!!!!

Hopefully there is much more excitement to come, and hopefully I will have more time to write my next blog!

Once again, thanks for reading! TTFN!!!!! 😀

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Extra Magic Hours and other exciting things

Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while, it has been a busy few days!!!

On Monday, I had my first experience of Extra Magic Hours. These are special hours that are either before or after the park closes, where guest at the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels can stay and play in the parks for longer 😀 Therefore, as I was working the close, instead of finishing at the planned time of 11pm …. I actually finished at 2:30am as the park didn’t close until 1am!!!! So Monday not only became my first experience of Extra Magic Hours, but it also became my first 12 hour shift at Disney! However, after saying all this …. it was actually pretty enjoyable 😀

I was working in Fairfax Fare, which sells things like Ribs, Chicken, Pork Sandwiches, Turkey Legs, Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Hot Dogs. So in the evening I learnt to make them thanks to the help of our trainer for the day, Daniel. During the day, I was on register (they don’t say till here … everytime I did then asked me to say it again cos they thought it was really cool to say till!!! Also … apparently they don’t say waterproofs here either …. I ended up in costuming for 10 minutes just because everyone decided to crowd around me just to hear me call them waterproofs!!!!) Anyway, I was on register so learnt how to work the touch screen and process the orders, this was very similar to the till system at McDonalds so I picked it up pretty quickly. I also learnt how to pour beer!!! At Fairfax, and a few other restaurants in Disney they sell some beers and lagers like Bud Light and Yuengling, and although I am too young to drink it, I am old enough to serve it. So I was taught the proper way to pour a beer, which was really quite exciting!!! 😀 Most of the day went pretty smoothly, with it getting quite busy at some hours of the day, but we all seemed to handle it pretty well.

Tuesday was my first full day off, so I went to Hollywood Studios with Jade …. where I rained for most of the day! We got to go on quite a few of the big ride though, we managed to go on The Great Movie Ride, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and my favourite ….. TOY STORY MANIA!!!!!!!!! In which I managed to get the high score of the hour!!!!! 😀 However, the highlight of the day, was definitely Fantasmic! 😀 Although it had literally rained all day, the rain decided to stop, just in time for us to watch Fantasmic – a journey through Mickey’s imagination where evil takes over!!!! This was …. amazing as always!!!!! 😀

Wednesday was another long day, but again, very fun 😀 It began quite early with me and Jade getting the 8:45am bus to the Magic Kingdom. Once there we managed to get through a few of the really big rides, such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and The Haunted Mansion which were all really fun 😀 After having a nice walk around the park Jade unfortunately had to go to work at Disney’s Port Orleans Hotel, however, we did have one last chance on the way out where we met Ariel and Eric from the Little Mermaid. This then set my course for the rest of the day …. to meet lots and lots of Disney Characters!!!!! 😀 So after Jade had gone I set out on my mission! I began meeting Mickey and Minnie, followed by 3 of the Disney Princesses (Aurora, Belle and Cinderella), then I surprisingly bumped into Peter Pan just after I had eaten a huge strawberry funnel cake (I think I may still have had strawberry around my mouth :/ No worry Peter Pan was giving me funny looks!!!!) Anyway, after bumping into Peter the sun began to shine and I found Daisy Duck and Pluto on Main Street, followed closely by Snow White. During my wander up Main Street the Main Street Philharmonic began to blast out some classic Disney tunes with such talent and enthusiasm that before long the whole of Main Street was dancing along with them!!! 😀 I then found Goofy outside Splash Mountain before heading back to Main Street to watch the parade …. which got cancelled! This wasn’t much of a surprise due to the dramatic change in weather from the lovely sunny weather to a huge thunderstorm right above our heads!!! The whole park did go crazy at this point as people legged it in every direction to get away from both the rain that was pelting down at them and the thunder that sounded like it could hit the castle at any minute!!! So I chose this moment to hop onto the monorail back to the Ticket Transportation Centre where I quickly got onto a bus going to the Animal Kingdom. Hopefully by the time I arrived at the Animal Kingdom the rain would have hopefully stopped, or at least calmed down at little…..

Once again …. I was wrong! It was just as wet and stormy at Animal Kingdom! So as soon as I got into the park I headed for somewhere nice and dry …. and ended up at Finding Nemo The Musical!!!! 😀 This was great fun 😀 It basically is the story of Finding Nemo condensed into 30 minutes with lots of songs added in!!! 😀 Plus all of the characters are like big hand puppets with the puppeteer singing (almost like Avenue Q but with slightly bigger puppets and slightly more decent for little kids to watch). On the way out of this I saw Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore so, being such a big kid, I went to meet them too! (Eeyore is just so cuddly!!!! HE’S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D) Then after wandering around the park for a while, I realised that there wasn’t really much that I could do with the weather being as bad as it was …. so I decided to leave. However, as always with Disney … even when you think the magic is over you normally have some more magic sprinkled on you (like pixie dust!) and in my case ….. I bumped into Donald Duck! And as I had spent the whole day walking around wearing a Donald Duck hat, this seemed like a perfect end to what had been a great day in the parks!!! 😀

However, the day did not end there. I ended up going out for a meal with fellow ICPers Heather, Ashleigh and Jenny. We went over to Downtown Disney where we had a fairly enjoyable meal at The Rainforest Cafe where you are surrounded by plants and animals of the rainforest whilst you eat your meals, with the addition of a thunderstorm every half an hour. All of this was not real of course (except the fish!) … we had already experienced enough really thunder for the day!

Today just added to the list of exciting days … but this time it was back at work. I began todays shift in the Starring Rolls Cafe, which is a nice little bakery at the end of Sunset Boulevard. This was thoroughly enjoyable! And also ….. the desserts there look AMAZING!!!!! 😀 We learnt how to work the registers, do the counter for the desserts and sandwiches, and even learn a bit of how to stock the shop. After having a nice break eating a humongous turkey sandwich, and an even bigger chocolate peanut butter cafe, we closed up the cafe (which closes at 4pm) and then headed over to the boat, more commonly known as Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner. This now has to be possibly my favorite place to work. There is a great view, looking out over the big Sorcerer’s hat (which is apparently really good when there is a parade on because you get to watch the parade whilst working), and you get lots of musical entertainment too! Whilst I was working register I got to listen (and dance) along to the High School Musical show (I know … I’m sad!), and the listen to the American Idol Experience Final. Whilst we were cleaning for the close we also got to listen to a band performing some classic rock/pop songs (you know … the ones that everyone knows and you can’t help but dance and sing along to them :)) I began on register and I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I was left on my own today and didn’t have any problems at all! 🙂 I also was complimented on my amazing beer pouring!!! Also, the menu here is very unusual …. which is kinda cool 🙂 Instead of your usual burgers and fries you can buy a Frankfurt Sausage in a Pretzel or a Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich, or an Italian Sausage with onions and peppers actually inside a baguette! This made it all the more fun when I moved into kitchen where I worked alongside a guy called Jordan from North Carolina who studies ……. MUSIC!!!! YAY!!!! 😀 First music student I have met since being here!!! 😀 So after a very geeky conversation about what is your favourite opera I learnt how to make the food and then how to close the boat. All in all, another very good day in Florida 😀

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Earning My Ears

So yesterday was my first day of actually working on stage, in costume. As the title suggests, I am currently “Earning my ears”! Which basically just means training but in fancy Disney talk! 🙂

The day was fairly relaxed and laid back. When I arrived at the cast entrance I met my trainer for the day, Nestor from Puerto Rico, and the girl who I will be training with this week, Clemence from France. Nestor showed us all the short cuts and backstage areas that we would need to know to get to Sunset Boulevard, however, he gave us a piece of great advice: “If you ever get lost …. just look for the Tower of Terror!” The Tower of Terror is situated right next to our work location and towers above everything else in the park. You can also hear all the screams whilst you are working your shifts!!!! Once backstage at Sunset Ranch we spend a long time being introduced to a lot of different people … most of whom I cannot remember their names! This was then followed by some more e-learning training. This time, however, it was really quite fun as we were able to do a lot of interactive things to help us learn MATRA (the system used for the tills), so we had lots of fun games to help us learn how to use it! 😀

Our first part of actual on stage training began with the job of bussing and trash …. basically cleaning tables and emptying the bins. I never realised how fun this could be!!!! We spent about an hour and a half doing this. During this time however it was really quite quiet in Sunset Ranch, so we had plenty of time just to interact with the guests and help to make their days a bit more magical 😀 The only downside to this job was that we were stood outside in the heat and sun all the time ….. and it was HOT!!!!! We learnt that in Florida, due to the humidity, that the temperature actually feels 10 degrees hotter than it actually is! So yesterday it was 97°F (37°C) but actually felt like 107°F (42°C)!!! So very hot times! However, we do get free drinks whilst we work ….. so all was good 😀

After this we got a nice break in the big air-conditioned break room, where we got to sample some of the food on order. We got to try the Hot Italian Sandwich, Caesar Salad, Coleslaw, and Carrot Cake. Even though we split it between the two of us, the portions were so big that it filled us both up so much!!!! 😀

When we started work again, we got to work in Hollywood Scoops (the ice cream shop right outside Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Fantasmic. Normally this means that the shop is very busy due to the incredibly popular location, however, as it was getting later and cooler it had quietened down ice cream wise. So we were able to watch Nestor on the till and learn how everything works when working register. We then got the very fun job of making the ice creams!!!! 😀 This was brilliant!!! 😀 I have never made proper ice cream before … but it is so fun doing all the scooping and stuff 😀 Also, one of the other cast members there, James, made a very big and cool castle out of cups and cones!!! It looked amazing!!!! 😀 One of the other really fun bits about making the ice creams was the sundaes, the brownie sundaes and the apple pie sundaes 😀 These were not only fun to make …. but they looked AMAZING!!!! 😀 Next time I’m in Hollywood Studios …. I am definitely going to Hollywood Scoops to buy one of these …. they looked and smelt soooooo nice!!!! 😀

As the day was drawing to a close we got fewer and fewer people, so Nestor showed us how to do some special magical moments with the ice creams. These included making a smiley face in a cup of ice cream using 2 cones as ears, a cherry as a nose and whipped cream to make a smiley face, and my personal favourite …. making a cone of ice cream into a Mickey Mouse head 😀

We finally closed at around 10pm when the park shut, and were shown the closing procedures by Nestor. After storing everything away and after taking everything for cleaning we reviewed everything that we had learnt during the day and then clocked out from what truly was a magical first day of work! 😀 😀 😀

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