4th of July and all the crazy times surrounding it!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it has almost been a week since I last wrote on this! Where is the time going …. it’s flying past so quickly!!!!

So it’s been another very busy few days, with July the 4th bringing crowds of over 100,000 into Walt Disney World!!!!!

July began with a nice shift where we worked both Toluga Turkey (which believe it or not sells turkey legs) and Anaheim Produce, which sells fruit, frozen lemonade and pretzels. However, despite the fact that we were still in training, we ended up without a trainer for the whole day!!! There was even one point where me and Clemence were in Turkey with a guy who had never worked in Turkey before!!! So we ended up almost training him at one point!!! It was really crazy times!!!! However, I provided a great magical moment whilst working in Turkey. We have this thing that once every hour we can give away a free turkey leg if we get the customer to run around gobbling like a turkey. This one kid was so excited about the fact his mum had decided to let him get a turkey leg, so we took advance of this! Within a couple of minutes this kid was running around Sunset Boulevard flapping him wings and making gobbling noises!!!! He was obviously having a great time, his mum was having a brilliant time (for some reason parents seem to love it when their children do something really embarrasing!!! :P), and everyone else in the queue didn’t care at all about the fact they had to wait a bit longer because they were thoroughly enjoying the entertainment!!!! 😀 It was a truely magical moment for everyone! 😀

Saturday the 2nd of July was funny. Work began with us having our assessment to complete our training. We did this only to find that we hadn’t been taught hardly anything at all in the bakery and are now not allowed to fully complete our training until we have been re-trained in the bakery!!! 😦 However, after we got back to work, the day just got better and better and better 🙂 I worked on scoops and bussing and it was a really really great day!!! 😀 I spoke to and met a lot of really nice people whilst I was bussing and they were from all over the world who were enjoying their days in Hollywood Studios, I got to watch the parade, and listen to Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic whilst working, and I was just truly having a great time whilst getting paid for it!!! 😀

Sunday the 3rd was ….. eventful …..
The ridiculous heat was crazy, and after bussing for 6 hours it was getting a bit too hot. However, this wasn’t the worst part of the day! I was on register on the boat, when the other girl who was working on register just disappeared! For about 30 minutes! This was during the busy time for the boat as the final of American Idol: The Experience had just begun on the big screen right next to the boat. So I was all alone on till with a huge queue of people. Then one man came to the register next to mine and suggestively coughed at me. When I looked over at him he just looked at me, and pointed to the till in front of him, even though he could see that I was serving a lady and I had at least 8 other people in my queue. After politely explaining to him that I was unable to take his order on that till and asking him nicely to come and join the queue in front of my till , he folded his arms and said that he was not going to join my queue. After once again explaining to him that I was unable to take his order on that till and he would have to come join my queue for me to take his order, he again refused and just stood at the other till. So I just continued to take the lady at my tills order. At this point the guy shouted “OI!” at me and as I turned to look at me he stuck his middle finger up at me and walked off! This left everyone in my queue gasping in shock and shaking their heads and tutting at this guy. Luckily for me they were all on my side and thought he was way out of order. After all this, I just did the Disney thing and put it to the back of my mind, smiled and carried on as if nothing had happened. Even if this drama had tried to put me in a bad mood, any thought of this was blown away (quite literally) when I went to watch the 4th July fireworks (on the 3rd of July) at Magic Kingdom. After a literally crazy squeeze getting past what must have been about 40-50,000 people I managed to find Ella, one of my friends from Sunset Ranch, who is from New Zealand. She had found an amazing spot right in the centre in front of the castle. This was amazing! They fully went all out on making the 4th July fireworks absolutely spectacular! Not only did they have the fireworks going off behind the castle (in front of where I was stood), but they also had them going off above the main entrance (behind where I was stood) and around the middle circle (all around where I was stood). So I completely got a 360 degree view of the fireworks! The fireworks were amazing!!! 😀 We then watched the Main Street Electric Light Parade and the magical pictures on the castle, which were also amazing!!! 😀 So a very good evening to finish off an strange day!

So 4th of July came, and I began in Anaheim Produce ….. where we had a continuous queue for 5 and a half hours!!!! However, despite the business, as the day went on, it got easier to work, as they had scheduled too many people. This meant that instead of what would have been a 12 hour shift, I actually only had to work a 9 and a half hour  shift! 🙂 Meaning that I got the chance to watch the 4th of July (this time actually on the 4th of July!) at Hollywood Studios. These were completely different to those from Magic Kingdom, here the had a live band (Mulch, Sweat and Shears) with the fireworks going off behind the hat. This was a experience in itself as there is very rarely fireworks at Hollywood Studios. These were also great, and then they were followed by another amazing performance of Fantasmic!!! 😀

Thursday (5th of July), was the first day when I have started to feel tired (mainly my legs and feet after standing for over 12 hours every day). However, this was made better with the thought that my mum, dad, sister and gran were on their way over to Florida!!! 😀 This day was pretty average as days in Florida go …. nothing majorly exciting. entertaining or strange happened … you could almost say it was just a normal day at work …. or in the case of Disney, it is an abnormal day as the normal days are so incredibly eventful and entertaining!

Friday the 6th was a great day. I woke up in the morning to get a phone call from the family to let me know they arrived save and sound in Florida, which was really nice …. even if it was just to hear their voices again 🙂 And then, 2 hours into my shift, I spotted a couple of familiar faces in the crowd of people …… it was a little surreal …. being behind the kitchen when your family are the other side, which in itself isn’t too bad, however, it is the weird feeling when you have spent every holiday in Florida with them and this time ….. everything is completely different! However, not different in a bad way at all … just generally different. Luckily for me, the park was pretty quite so we had a very small amount of guests at this point, so I got to quickly say hi and have a very quick catch up with them before heading back to work. 9 hours later I finally finished work and met up with my family where we had a nice relaxing few hours in Hollywood Studios catching up and watching the still amazing Fantasmic!! 😀

So after finally finishing 7 shifts in a row with the shortest one being about 9 hours long, today was my first day off in a week!!!! 🙂 So, how do you celebrate your first day off in 8 days …… you wake up at 5 in the morning and go on a coach trip to the U.S. social security center apparently!!!!! After the initial shock of such an early wake up the rest of the day went past pretty quickly. We arrived at the SSC where we waited for an hour to have a guy then enter all our details into the computer …. so hopefully now this means that soon I will have a US social security number forever! 🙂 After returning back I arranged to meet up with my family at the ferryboat going to the Magic Kingdom, so we met up there and spent most of the day having a great time in Magic Kingdom ….. going on great rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, watching a parade that went at double the speed as 5 minutes later we all got caught in a huge thunderstorm (during which the rain was so incredibly heavy for well over an hour)! and then watching Mickey’s Philharmagic (which I had forgetten how good it was) which is a combination of Mickey, Donald, Disney, music, the orchestra and 3D!!!! So basically …… I LOVE IT!!!!! 😀 So another brilliant day in Walt Disney World to end what has been a crazy week that just seems to have flown past!!!!

Hopefully there is much more excitement to come, and hopefully I will have more time to write my next blog!

Once again, thanks for reading! TTFN!!!!! 😀


About wdwmusic

I am from Lytham St Annes and I currently a 2nd year student studying music at Bangor University, which is fantastic!!! :D:D:D:D:D I am also about to have the time of my life over summer 2011 working in Walt Disney World in Florida!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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  1. emma james says:

    glad you havving a brill time, but you will be so tired xx

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