Walt Disney World: The Place Where Dreams Come True!

The weeks are really flying past now, it feels like almost yesterday when I wrote my last blog …. and yet, almost a whole week has past once again!!!!

So on my second day off, Friday the 8th, I had the day to myself as the family had managed to get VIP tickets to watch the last ever shuttle launch!!!!!!!!! :O Very jealous!!! So I began the day bright and early to meet some of my ICP friends for breakfast. We went to a breakfast buffet place where it only cost about $7 for all you can eat!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! 😀 I literally stuffed myself full!! There was everything you could possibly imagine there for breakfast!! 😀 After that, me, Heather and Laura headed over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort hoping to get a good view of the shuttle launch …. however, as there was a lot of cloud covering most of the sky, all we actually were able to see was a flash of light and a tiny object coming out of the flash for about a second before it disappeared into the cloud. A bit disappointing, however, I have been told that from the viewing site at Kennedy it was absolutely spectacular!!!!! 😀

It was back to work on Saturday where I was bussing for most of the day. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoy cleaning the tables, as you get to move at your own pact and interact with all the guests, which is always good fun, you always end  up chatting to some guests for ages … it’s great fun! 😀 Also, it is always very amusing when you meet a British family, both when bussing or when taking orders, as they always seem to get so excited about the fact that they are all the way over in Florida and yet they are talking to someone who lives near where they do! The other very surprising thing is how many people know where Lytham St Annes is …. and not just people from Britain … I have met a fair few Americans and Canadians who know, had been to or have lived in Lytham St Annes! Also, a lot of people know it for the apparently very famous golf course!!! During my day at work, Mike, one of the managers, came up to me and after a discussing about the fact that I was still wearing my earning my ears badge, he made a few phone calls to discover that I had in fact earned my ears and he took my “Earning My Ears” tag off me! So I am now a fully trained Walt Disney World Cast Member!!!! 😀 After finishing work I met up with the family for a short time where we went on Toy Story Mania, which was a very nice way to end the day! 😀

Sunday was the shorted shift that I have done since being in Florida …. only 8 and a half hours!!!! 😀 It was also a fairly early shift so I was finished by quarter to 6, so I had a very pleasant walk after work along the river from Hollywood Studios to EPCOT where I met up with the family. We had a nice stroll around the world (as you do), stopped for some tea in America whilst the Journey tribute band were playing (the lead singer wasn’t very good …. I think he may have been losing his voice), very nearly got tempted into buying one of the ridiculously huge candy apples in Germany and finally stopped to watch EPCOTs night time show Illuminations in which you are stood around the lake and a globe floats around the lake whilst pictures are shown on it from all around the world and whilst fireworks are going off all around! 😀 It is always amazing, and this time they had added even more fireworks into it since I saw it last time (only a week ago!), so it was even more spectacular! 😀

Monday was hard. The long hours, the intense heat, the lack of sleep and the fact that every day you are standing on your feet for nearly the whole day was finally beginning to catch up with me. By the end of my shift I was ready just to go home and fall asleep, however I wanted to make the most of my limited time with my family so I went and met them in Magic Kingdom instead. This is a good point to mention the weather ….. I seem to have been very very very unlucky with the weather since being in Florida! Despite the fact that it is normally very sunny and very hot most of the time over here, it always seems to be raining for long periods of time on my days off, and when I’m working it is always really nice and sunny! This day just proved this unluckiness. Literally the second that I pressed the button to clock out ….. there was a huge crash of thunder and it began to rain! After arriving at the Magic Kingdom, I got off the monorail to discover that the rain had gone crazy, as to get to the entrance I had to wade through “puddles” of water that must have been at least 20cm deep! They covered the whole of my foot and ankle when I stood in them!!! Luckily though, the rain subsided just in time for the Electric Light Parade to go ahead, followed by the spectacular “The Magic, The Memories and Me” projection show on Cinderella’s castle … which I stunning!!! I have no idea how they do it …. but it is amazing! It really adds to the magic of the castle! 😀 And then we finally watched Wishes, the firework display above the castle. This again is always amazing …. and like the EPCOT fireworks, it had some additional fireworks that hadn’t been there last time I saw it! (They must be using up extra fireworks from the 4th of July or something!)

Tuesday’s shift was just as hard. My whole body seemed to be willing me not to get up that morning for the 11 hour shift that lay ahead! However, somehow I managed to get up and get through the day. The shift ended quite eventfully though. There was another huge thunderstorm, which this time was whilst I was working!!!! The first time I have ever been working when it has been properly raining!!!! Anyway, I was in Fairfax at this time, and as the lightning struck, all the power in Fairfax flickered and 3 or the 5 registers turned off completely ….. apparently Disney actually got struck by the lightening! Luckily, with Florida being the lightening capital of the world, Disney are well prepared for this, and every bulding in the whole of the resort all have lightening conductors on top of them to protect all the guests and cast members from getting hit. After finishing work this day, I did the slightly wiser thing of going home to get some rest. Despite all the tiredness, I sat down and just reflected on the last 3 weeks …. I really am living a dream! Yes it is hard work, yes nothing is ever going to be perfect, but it is amazing here! How many people can say that they get to listen to Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic every day whilst work? How many people can say that on a regular basis they can talk to people who are having the time of their lives and are loving every minute of it? How many people can that they are actually encouraged by their managers to be crazy, and dance around and have a great time at work? This is Disney after all …. it really is a place where dreams come true, but it needs the hard work from every single cast member to make this happen … and for that I have complete respect for every single person that works here, no matter what their role or location …. together we can help make peoples dreams come true! 😀

It truly is amazing at how much good an hours relax and some positive thinking can do …..

Wednesday (yesterday) I woke up, and I didn’t have to force myself out of bed, I woke up smiling and I thought to myself how amazing this job really is 😀 This set me in a great mood to start work …. and work seemed to be even better than usual! 😀 I worked on 4 out of my 7 locations that I could have worked in (Bakery, Turkey, Produce and Scoops). In the bakery we had a huge tour group of about 40 people come in to this tiny little shop, which was great fun …. somehow the chaos actually made every single person in that shop (both guests and cast members) have a great time out of it! This was followed by working at Turkey where we had no guests at all …. so I got given control of the Stitch hand! 😀 Instead of waving people with the typical Mickey Mouse hand, I was waving at people with a Stitch hand. This was so fun! There is something amazingly magical about the fact that I was waving at random people in the street who were all waving back, no matter what age they were. And you really can’t help but smile when everyone looks so happy and excited to see you waving at them! 😀 In Scoops I made a magical moment for a little girl who was very upset about the fact that we didn’t put sprinkles on out ice cream ….. so instead I made here a Mickey Mouse ice cream in a cup, made up of 3 scoops of ice cream in a Mickey head shape, with a cone for a hat, and a cherry for a nose! Just one look at the ice cream turned the little girls tears into a huge smile …. again, another magical moment, just the thought that you have made someones day that bit more special and magical is an amazing feeling 😀 So after what was an amazing day, I finished my last half an hour back in Turkey, where I had one final magic moment to give out for the day, just 10 minutes before the end of my shift …. A group of people who must have been in their early 20s came to buy turkey legs. The last two in the group were 2 girls who had obviously been given free turkey legs before as they were both wearing badges saying “CELEBRATING Free Turkey Legs”, so they began to gobble like turkeys at me. So I said to them that I would only give them a free turkey leg if they not only gobbled, but if they walk around the area gobbling, with the arms and everything. After a bit of persuasion, the girls started to do it, with all their friends filming them on their cameras. They were actually pretty impressive and they drew a bit of a crowd, so once they finished they got a huge round of applause. So I gave them both a free turkey leg to congratulate them for their efforts. The whole group seemed so pleased and happy 😀 A minute later they ran back and got me to come outside so they could have their photo taken with them!!!! So I went outside and we all posed with the turkey legs and thumbs up 😀 Was a very surreal experience, but another extremely magical one, for both me and all them …. as I said before, there is something really special about knowing that you have made some peoples day/trip/holiday just that bit more magical 😀 On my way out of the park I also got a bit congratulation and thumbs up from one of the managers, Mike, who apparently had been watching everything that happened …. you always know you are doing something right when the managers say well done to you 😀

So after everything that has happened in the last 3 weeks, I really feel like I’m settling in here. Everyone knows my name, I know everything that I’m doing, I’ve made some great friends, and I get paid to work in a job where I can just be myself and not get told off for being too crazy … in fact, it is actually encouraged 😀

“Walt Disney World: The Place Where Dreams Come True” – Many people may disagree with this … but I know that it is completely true. After only being here for 3 weeks, I can already see it in the eyes of the cast members and guests, that they are in fact all living dreams over here. Walt Disney World truly has made all of their dreams come true! 😀


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I am from Lytham St Annes and I currently a 2nd year student studying music at Bangor University, which is fantastic!!! :D:D:D:D:D I am also about to have the time of my life over summer 2011 working in Walt Disney World in Florida!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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  1. emma says:

    wow 🙂 so long but so exciting, i love reading thse blogs and seeing what you are up to x

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