Two decades old!!!!!

It is August already!!!! Can you believe it! In 4 and a half weeks time I will be flying back from Florida to return to reality!!!! Therefore, I am trying to make the most of what little time I have left …. this means long hours ….. and picking up extra shifts to experience all different kinds of Disney magic all around Walt Disney World 😀

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were pretty average days at work (I can’t believe I’m calling them average!) What I mean when I say average is that they were pretty amazing days as always, but nothing majorly special happened but they were still thoroughly enjoyable 😀

When I got back from work on Tuesday I decided to have a little relax before heading back out to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. During this time it turned midnight back in the UK, so people suddenly started to wish me happy birthday even though it was still only 7pm over here. This set me in a very birthday-ie mood when I left to go watch the fireworks, so once I arrived at the Magic Kingdom I went to get a birthday badge to start my pre-birthday celebrations 😀 In the short time before the fireworks I decided to head over to Pinocchio’s Village Haus to grab a bite to eat ….. this ended up with all of the cast members working there singing a special rendition of happy birthday to me and I recieved my first 20th birthday cake in the form of a chocolate fudge cake 😀 The fireworks and parade were brilliant as always and it was a great way to start to birthday celebrations off 😀

So, the 27th of July came, and I woke up very early to get to the Magic Kingdom for opening. I met Ashleigh on the bus, whose birthday was the same day 😀 We were also joined by Zoe …. who had never met Mickey or Minnie …. EVER!!!! :O So after catching the very ending of the opening show we headed straight over to meet Mickey and Minnie 😀 Mickey and Minnie were immensely cute this morning …. a just married couple were in front of us in the queue and Mickey pointed at them both before grabbing Minnie in a loving embrace … it was soooo cute!!!! 😀 They both then got very excited to see me and Ashleigh with birthday Mickeys … however, Mickey refused to have his photo taken with us whilst I was wearing a Donald hat! This then lead to our first purchase of the day …… Mickey Mouse ears saying “It’s My Birthday!” 😀 We spent most of the day in the Magic Kingdom where we went on most of the big rides: Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise …. and then some of the smaller ones (Peter Pan’s Flight and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!!!! 😀 ) I also got another birthday cake at Peco Bill’s in Frontierland …. this time in the form of carrot cake 😀 We also managed to watch both the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade, and part of the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it parade 😀 Throughout our time at Magic Kingdom Jamie, Luis, Heather, Laura, Vicki and Jenny had joined us for a while before leaving for work. This left just me, Ashleigh, Zoe and Korey to head to Hollywood Studios where we met up with Ella. Here we went to watch Muppetvision 3D and we went on Star Tours before heading for a meal at the 50s Prime Time Cafe ….. which was hilarious!!!!!! The idea of it is that you are being taken back in time to the 50s in America, where you weren’t allowed to have you elbows on the table, you weren’t allowed to wear hats at the table, you couldn’t leave the table with out asking and you had to eat up all your food otherwise your “mum” would complain about how much she slaved over the meal, and how we don’t appreciate the effort she puts in, etc. So basically, you spend an hour and a half just basically being told off for everything you do ….. and it was absolutely brilliant!!!! 😀 Our “mum” was Janice, and she was hilarious! She kept telling everyone at our table off for everything, especially when Korey left the table without asking and Janice went crazy and threatened to got after her and to drag her back! It was also hilarious to watch all the other tables. The table next to us had the father of the family being constantly told off by Janice for everything (much to the childrens delight!), on another table the kid kept telling Janice about all the naughty things his mum had done just to see her get told off, and then the dad in another family (after being told they had to finish his last onion ring) hid the onion ring in a cup under some napkins ….. and got caught! So was forced to eat it by Janice!!!! It was a brilliant meal!!! 😀 And then at the end ….. we got a special rendition of Happy Birthday off Janice and both me and Ashleigh got a little cupcake as a birthday cake! 😀 After this brilliant meal, we went and rode the Tower of Terror in the night! (It was awesome! 😀 ) Both me and Ashleigh recieved birthday phone calls, were Goofy sang Happy Birthday to us, and then we went to Hollywood Scoops where we got free birthday ice-cream!!!! 😀 We finished what was an amazing birthday, with an amazing show …. yes, you guessed it …… Fantasmic!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 So now I am officially two decades only …. but if you are going to turn 20 … what better a place to turn twenty than Walt Disney World!!!! 😀

It was back to work on Thursday, but this time not in the usual place. I managed to pick up an extra shift at Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. This was a brilliant shift!! 😀 After the initial shock of getting completely lost in the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom, I finally arrived at Pinocchio’s in time. The first hour and a half of my shift was great fun, collecting and handing out the food to the guests, it was completely different to anything that I have had to do on Sunset. I then moved outside for the rest of my shift where I spend over an hour playing with a Pinocchio puppet with the guests, in the sun, with Cinderella’s castle directly in front of me, with guests playing with the puppet or asking for photographs of them with me and the puppet …. it was very surreal! But incredibly magical! 😀 The Magic Kingdom definitely has a much more magical feel than Hollywood Studios (and Hollywood Studios is pretty magic!!!) In MK the adults all become kids and the kids have an amazing time in this completely unreal world that has been created!

Friday I had 2 different shifts that I had picked up. The first was back to Hollywood Studios, but this time at the complete opposite end of the park to normal …. at Backlot Express. Here, instead of listening to Fantasmic, Beauty and the Beast, the Countdown to Fun parade, Disney Channel Rocks and the screams coming from Tower of Terror, I was able to listen to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, the parade and the Jedi Training Academy (which is so cute ….. little kids learn how to be a Jedi and then take on Darth Vader in a fight!) whilst bussing, which was pretty fun too 😀

After my shift at Backlot Express had finished I headed over to the Magic Kingdom where (after getting lost and finally being helped by a French guy called Thibaut who told me exactly what to do for the whole of the evening) I joined the rest of the Parade Audience Control (PAC) team backstage for a debriefing where we all received our positions for both the parade and for the fireworks. I was Theater 2 and position 7 ….. this meant that I was in the middle of the entrance circle , opposite the Town Square Theater for the parade, and I was on Main Street USA close to the Partners circle the fireworks. The parade duty was good fun, however, I ended up situated right next to a tour group for 600 Argentinians! Thankfully they were very well behaved, obeyed orders and their leaders kept them entertained for  the whole time they were there …. making my job a lot easier 😀 Then when the parade finally came around …. I had one of the best seats in the house to watch it from! (Obviously I was constantly watching the crowd and making sure they all kept onto the sidewalks as well!) We then took a detour via backstage to beat the crowd and get to our positions for Wishes. Here, it was crazy!!! Everyone from all around the park had gathered in the same area to watch the fireworks and the castle projection show (The Magic, the Memories and You!) So my job was to make sure the walkway was stayed clear so people could get through to the exit and to make sure no one sat on the railing (so that they didn’t end up falling into the water!), which was pretty successful. It was a different experience than any other I have experienced so far at Disney, as you are guaranteed to have very grumpy guests who are very angry at you because you are telling them they can’t get any closer to the castle to see the fireworks as there isn’t enough space. This obviously makes some guests extremely angry … but it is for the safety of everyone, so unfortunately in this case we do have to disappoint people. Despite the chaos, it was pretty amazing …. I was basically being paid to watch the fireworks! 😀 After what was a very successful parade and firework display we returned back stage to receive a huge congratulations …. apparently it was one of the most successful parade control they have had all summer! And the park was also apparently over the maximum capacity, so they are suppose to have opened up some of backstage for the guests to watch the fireworks, however they hadn’t so they had crammed a ridiculous amount of people around the castle and down Main Street, so we received more congratulations for that! So all in all …. a very successful and thoroughly enjoyable first shift on Parade Control at the Magic Kingdom 😀

The last three days have been back at Sunset, and the usual craziness and excitement. However, it has now dawned on me just how little time I have left …. in 4 weeks I will be packing ready to go home!!! So I am going to have to really make full use of every last moment that I have here in Florida!!! There is still so much to do, so much to see! So wish me luck! Hopefully I will manage to get as much as possible done by the next time I write a blog!


See ya real soon! 😀


About wdwmusic

I am from Lytham St Annes and I currently a 2nd year student studying music at Bangor University, which is fantastic!!! :D:D:D:D:D I am also about to have the time of my life over summer 2011 working in Walt Disney World in Florida!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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2 Responses to Two decades old!!!!!

  1. emma james says:

    what an amazing birthday you had, so strange though that one of your new found friends shares the same day as you!!! im so glad you are havving a great time, these blogs are really intresting so keep writing when ever you have time, miss you 😦 but enjoy your last 4 weeks in floriday being a disney cast member :):):):) xx

  2. emma james says:

    good luck!!! your doing an amazing job, hope u do everything you want, well at least most of it xx

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