Crazy hours, Fantasmic and Goodbyes!

3 weeks today …. I will be back at home in the UK and spending my first night in my own bed! It’s a very surreal feeling …. it still only feels like I have got here and settled in ….. and now I’ve moved apartments and only have 20 days left in Florida!

I apologise from not having written a blog for such a long time, I have been very busy ….. between Sunday the 31st of July and Saturday the 6th of August I worked a crazy amount! In those 7 days I worked 5 shifts on Sunset, 3 shifts at Fantasmic and a shift at Pizza Planet ….. in total I worked almost 70 hours in that one week!!!! And yet it was so much fun!!!! 😀

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty regular and ordinary days and work, with the only unusual day being Tuesday as I had my first training since my first week ….. at 8:30am ….. followed by work. After work on Tuesday I met up with one of my flatmates, Jamie. We had great fun riding Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster together which was followed by a great trip to The Art of Animation were we had great fun on the Soundstage putting our voices to scenes from The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast 😀 We then learnt how to draw Tigger in the Animation Academy, and the evening finished with yet another stunning performance of Fantasmic 😀 In total spending over 15 hours in Hollywood Studios!

On Thursday I experienced a few new places of work. The first of which was Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. This in itself was great. It was themed very much like Pizza Planet from the first Toy Story film, with the downstairs being an arcade. The place itself was very nice and the people were friendly, however, it did turn into a slightly crazy shift, as my shift was extended by one hour and 15 minutes until 5:30pm, when I needed to have been to costuming, changed into my Fantasmic costume and reached the Fantasmic trailer at the opposite end of the park by 6pm!!!!! Luckily for me, I bumped into Nicole (a fellow ICP who flew over on the same flight as me), she was working Fantasmic too and she also knew a closer place to clock in. We arrived in plenty of time at the Fantasmic food trailer before the debriefing, and we then got given our positions. Both me and Nicole were on Cotton Candy, so for the first hour of our shift we got to leisurely stroll up and down Sunset Boulevard selling Cotton Candy before we headed to the Ampitheatre where we wandered up and down the aisles, wlaking between 10,000 people all of whom were eagerly awaiting the spectacle that is Fantasmic! Once Fantasmic began, we restocked, sorted our money out and heading back out to the streets of Sunset once again. It was a great evening, a really great experience and a load of fun 😀

So Friday began very relaxing, with the whole flat being in together for the first time since I have been in Florida! So we had a lasagna together 😀 After this, me and Jamie got on a bus to Hollywood Studios where we met up with her friend Chris and went to watch The Beauty and the Beast before once again riding the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster. We very messily ate Ice Cream from Scoops before I had to leave them to head to work at Fantasmic. This time i was working as a runner on Pad 2 which is located at the very back of the Ampitheatre with a perfect view of the Hill and Stage. Unfortunately I did not experience much of this as it began to rain almost as soon as we had set up and before any guest had arrived at the Ampitheatre. So after an hour of waiting for the rain to stop, and Pad 2 getting flooded, we got told that Pad 2 was closing so we unstocked everything and took it all back. Once we had finally finished this I took over Popcorn vending (which was very similar to vending Cotton Candy) and I continued this for the rest of the shift, which was great fun 😀

Saturday began with my first major goodbye, as I said goodbye to Jamie who headed back to Puerto Rico this day 😦 So after a very quick and sleepy goodbye I heading to work where I had a fairly uneventful, but fun, shift at Sunset …. that was until I was just about to finish work. I was closing the bakery …. and 10 minutes before we were about to close, a huge argument broke out between a guest and one of our cast members! It finally got sorted out just in time to close, and so ended the eventful closing of the bakery ….. or so I thought. Within the next half an hour we not only managed to get locked out of the bakery, but we also managed to flood it ….. completely! There was at least 3 inches of water covering the whole of the bakery floor, and it was leaking out onto the outside dining area too! So after blocking off  the areas to both guests and cast members, I managed to escape the chaos to go to my third Fantasmic shift, where this time I worked Cotton Candy again 😀 However, this time, it rained and thundered a lot …. so we spent about an hour in the thunder location waiting for the thunder to stop, before hearing back out again to sell more Cotton Candy 😀

I didn’t start work until 5pm on Sunday, so therefore made the most of my morning by heading to EPCOT where I met Chip and Dale who were incredibly entertaining as always, Duffy the Disney Bear, Alice, Mary Poppins and Belle and the Beast. I also met up with one of my American friends, Tyler (who is good friends with the Beast) whilst he was working, which was good fun 😀 I also finally rode the Mission Space on the More Intense Training, which simulates the G-Forces that you might encounter if you were going to go into space on a rocket 😀 I then headed to work …. but all in all …. a very good day! It’s not often that you can say that you have travel around the world and flown to Mars and back before going to work 😀

Monday and Tuesday were fairly relaxed and normal days. The parks are starting to quiet down a lot ….. about 70% of guest are now British, there are no tour groups and most Americans are getting ready to go back to school, so the parks are fairly quiet. So , making the most of this, I went into Hollywood Studios after work had finished on Tuesday and met up with Heather, Laura, Zoe, Ashleigh and her friend from work, Ray. Me, Heather and Ray had great fun in the Art of Animation where this time we learnt how to draw Dale (the chipmunk) 😀

Wednesday had me closing the bakery for the 3rd day in a row, and the 4th closing of the bakery out of 5 days …. however, luckily there have been no more incidents …… yet ……! After work I met up with Taryn, one of my Welsh friends, who coincidentally was born in Bangor! we headed to EPCOT to meet Korey, my flatmate from Ohio. We rode Test Track, then queued from 85 minutes to go on Soarin’ (which was actually brilliant! …. the ride that is … not the queue!) and then finished off the day by catching the end of Illuminations.

Thursday I woke early to say goodbye to Helen, my roommate, and her boyfriend Gabby, who were both flying back to Puerto Rico as they too had just ended their 6 month programs. Then it was off to work where I closed something for the 6th day in a row …. this shift also concluded my run of 15 shifts in a row!

Friday ….. DAY OFF!!!!!! Wow … it’s been a while since I have said that! So … to make the most of it … I woke up very early, said goodbye to Korey who was flying back to Ohio that day, and jumped on the 9:01am bus to Magic Kingdom with Laura. After going to Cast Connections and spending an awful lot of money (oh well … I got paid on Thursday!) we went into the park. When we got there … it was ridiculously quiet for the Magic Kingdom. We walked straight onto It’s A Small World, Snow White’s Scary Adventures and Mickey’s Philharmagic, we also got through a fair few rides/attractions that I had never been on/seen before, such as the Swiss Family Treehouse and the slightly disturbing Country Bear Jamboree. After Laura had left I watched the Dream Along With Mickey show for the first time in 2011, and it was really beautiful and sweet 😀 This was closely followed by the 3 o’clock parade, for which I was wearing my “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” T-shirt. This t-shirt seemed to be a hit with the characters, not only did Pluto come over and point out both my t-shirt and Goofy hat to Goofy, but Captain Hook also stopped in the middle of the parade to mime to me, telling me what time the 3 o’clock parade was at …. classic 😀 The rest of the day was spent meeting Mickey and Minnie (who both thoroughly loved the t-shirt …. Minnie even asked where I got it from as she wanted one!), meeting both Heather at work on Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin, and my PAC friend, Thibaut from France 😀 After watching the Electric Light Parade (during which Alice commented in the middle of the parade loudly to everyone about how Goofy I was looking today!), I watched The Magic, The Memories and You castle projection show twice (which was really lovely) and the ever stunning firework display known as Wishes 😀 A magical end to a magical day 😀

Today has been a fairly relaxed day …. apart from the chaos fo packing and moving apartments! As I was the only person left in my apartment I, along with many other in the same situation as me, had to move into a new apartment! So most of the morning was spent packing and attempting to tidy the apartment (both of which failed miserably …. facebook is such a bad distraction 😛 ) Then at 1pm I had to pick up my new key to my new apartment, I then had to move all of my stuff across the complex to 3008 where I am now currently situated. I am now living with 5 others: 2 Australians (Tamara and Lauranah), a girl from South Korea (Seulki) and an American (Sital) who sort of classes herself as British as she was born and spent the first 8 years of her life in Manchester! Cue the music …… “IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!!! IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!!! IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!! IT’S A SMALL, SMALL WORLD!!!!!!”

So there we have it. In 3 weeks I will be home in the UK, in 4 and a half weeks I will be back at uni in Bangor, and in 5 days I will have graduated from the Disney International College Program! Much more excitement still to come, and much more work …. and much, much more magic 😀 😀 😀 😀


About wdwmusic

I am from Lytham St Annes and I currently a 2nd year student studying music at Bangor University, which is fantastic!!! :D:D:D:D:D I am also about to have the time of my life over summer 2011 working in Walt Disney World in Florida!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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One Response to Crazy hours, Fantasmic and Goodbyes!

  1. emma james says:

    cant wait till you back, its great that ur enjoying every minute, and with all this extra work you will be getting much more money than you thought 🙂 xx

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